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Our Services

Seeking help can feel overwhelming but you have already taken the first step.


S.T.T. is currently seeing clients in-office and offering alternative methods for clients who prefer to remain in the comfort of their own space 

Individual Counseling Services
Family System's Therapy
Couple's Counseling
Group Counseling & Wellness Groups
Parent Coaching
Educational Support, Advocacy and Consultation

Telehealth Therapy

Traditional therapy right at your fingertips

If you are encountering discomfort with the idea of leaving your home, or simply needing more flexibility with your schedule. Consider telehealth as an alternative for you!


Video sessions are a great alternative to in-person counseling, note that your privacy is protected with online counseling services just the same as it would be in-person. Our online sessions are conducted via secure video conferencing that works whether you are using your computer or the internet connection on your phone.

All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with video capability and a reliable Internet connection.

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Telephone sessions are also available, contact us for more information.


Please note that telephone and video sessions are for Arizona residents only.

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Services Offered

We offer the following services for children- from early adolescence through high school- families and couples.

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Home School

Educational Consultation Services

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