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Current Groups


S.T.T. is consistently offering a series of therapeutic groups for individuals, parents, & school-aged children to help support, build, & enhance social & emotional

skills inside and outside of the classrooms.


All groups are led by a licensed therapist

Kid's Feelings Club

Through guided play and activities, children will learn and practice emotional intelligence, socialization, communication skills. By interacting with one another and the guidance from the therapist, children will learn how to effectively identify and communicate thoughts & feelings while using new tools and strategies to cope with those emotions.

Open group for Elementary school aged children

K-5th grade, 6-11 years of age 

Current Group Saturday dates:

April & May group dates


4/15, 4/29, 5/6, 5/20

4 sessions, 90 minutes

10am - 11:30am 



$190.00, includes 4 sessions, 90 minutes for one child

& $145 per +2 children


Drop in dates:

 4/15, 4/29, 5/6, 5/20


$50.00, includes 1 session, 90 minutes for one child and $30 per +2children


Getting Unstuck:

Power for Parents & Guardians

The most meaningful change happens when parents also engage in their own process of reflection & growth. Parent & caregiver education encouraging positive parenting practices that promote safety, well-being, and emotional growth for children and families.  


Through this convenient, virtual group, Adults will explore & discuss experiences, challenges & fortify the tool to help children grow, and more effectively manage parenting challenges. Amongst other helpful modalities and techniques, adults will be provided with Positive Parenting techniques and useful resources that will help promote health throughout the home. Positive parenting is about showing children love, warmth and kindness; it’s about guiding children to act the way you want by encouraging and teaching them.


  Virtual Sessions

5 sessions, 60 minutes

6:30m - 7:30pm

Group Tuesday dates:

 4/4,  4/11,  4/18,  4/25  




$200 includes 4 sessions

$55, includes 1 session 


Support Groups

Talk & Tea, Therapy to build
Resilience, Uplift, & Empower

Looking for some connection and support? We have developed this support group for just that! This is a group for women 18+ who are current clients or new to STT.

Our goal is to provide women a warm, safe, and nurturing space where they can find connection. 

Through shared experiences and discussions, women can share, explore and discuss life- ways to approach daily challenges, build inspiration, relief, and satisfaction. 

Open group, join at any time; no commitments. 

$10 drop in fee


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Facilitator-Daniela Ruiz, MC, LAC

What Clients Say...

"It was really nice to connect with someone who is going through some of the same interpersonal

relationship boundary building! I left the session in a very uplifted mood." -C.K.

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