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Current Groups

Summer 2024

S.T.T. is consistently offering a series of therapeutic groups for individuals, parents, & school-aged children to help support, build, & enhance social & emotional

skills inside and outside of the classrooms.


All groups are led by a licensed therapist

Kids’ Club

Elementary Group


Emotional regulation is not a skill we are born with, learning to self-regulate and be resilient are key milestones in child development and the building blocks for mental health. In Kids Club, our staff work to help children learn fun and effective ways to develop emotional intelligence, socialization and communication skills, resilience and more. Through guided play and activities children can develop new tools and strategies to cope with challenging emotions, build confidence and strengthen self-esteem.

Each month we will offer a different theme to help challenge some common obstacles like socialization, focus, friendships, stress, and more. Participants will work on building skills while they deepen their understanding of their own feelings, responses, and thoughts, creating the building blocks for continued emotional intelligence and resilience.

Open group for Elementary school aged children

6-11 years of age


For more information, please feel free to call us at (480) 808-6050

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Facilitator-Daniela Ruiz, MC, LAC

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Weekly virtual 60 minute meetings for 8 weeks

$45/ participation fee
Includes: Book, Audiobook or Kindle version & supplemental PDF 


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